Commercial Moves
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Real-Time GPS Trackers

Battery operated GPS Tracking devices can be deployed quickly and discreetly on a vehicle, in a backpack or on an asset. 4G LTE with great Coverage Nationwide!

We have small, hidden GPS tracker units with long battery life. We also have magnetic mount cases for ease of deployment. These GPS Trackers are the same ones Professional Private Investigators use!

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Covert Hidden GPS Trackers

When you need the long life power without the hassle of recharging batteries, we can assist you in the quick install of a hidden, hard-wired GPS Tracker.

OBD II Vehicle Trackers can be installed so they are totally covert while even leaving an "open" OBD port visible.

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Magnetic Cases

In addition to a wide selection of GPS Tracking devices, we also have a great variety of magnetic, weatherproof case and mounts.

Rare earth magnets with 50 pounds of pull force won't budge once you covertly install it under the frame of the vehicle. Protects your investment.

Commercial Moves
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Protect what matters most!

-Track Spouses for Infidelity

-Track Teen Drivers

-Track your vehicles

-Track Employees

Commercial Moves
GPS tracker for boat, trailer, yacht
Hardwired GPS Trackers

These small hardwired GPS Trackers can be permanently mounted in your vehicle and you never need to worry about battery life because they are powered by the vehicle's battery.

​A great option for fleet vehicle GPS tracking, Landscape crews, plumbing trucks, motorcycles, construction vehicles, teen drivers or simply anti-theft GPS trackers!

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